Lefkada is a wonderful island, a very charming village and a destination for memorable holidays. The island is characterized by its beautiful features, such as clean waters, pristine beaches, quaint villages, significant historical sites and exciting nightlife. While staying in Lefkada island, visitors can swim and sunbathe at the nearby beaches Lefkada. In Agios Nikitas, you may swim at the beach of, Agios Nikitas, and Kathisma. There are also other wonderful beaches such as Porto Katsiki, Egkremnoi, Milos.

Agiofili beach. Vasiliki, Lefkada
Aerial view of Cape of Ducato in Lefkada island- Greece

How to reach us

The island is separated from mainland Greece by a small canal. There is a drawbridge linking the island with mainland Greece, and specifically with the Aitoloakarnania. To get to Lefkada are 3 ways.

By car:

The most obvious advantage of Lefkada is that it can be accessed without having to board the ship. Because of the drawbridge that connects Lefkada with Aitoloakarnania, our island can be easily reachable from everywhere.

By air:

The airport is located in Aktion. Airport code (PVK). Aktion Airport is located 18km away from the center of Lefkada. Our daily flights to and from Lefkada. There are direct flights from Crete and in particular from Sitia and from Northern Greece.

By boat:

Lefkada's visitors can visit the nearby Ionian islands. You can visit Meganissi, Kalamos, Kefalonia, Ithaki, Paxos. Also, there are daily boat trips to beaches that are not reachable by foot.